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enter image description here

can someone please help me out and tell me what anime is this? Thanks

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in case you have another picture you want to search, try to do reverse image search first – Darjeeling Jun 10 '14 at 9:21
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From a Google Reverse Image Search, this gave me the title "日常" which I recognized as the title of a manga. It is a manga series (known as Nichijou in English) that was adapted into an anime. The series is a comedy manga featuring a group of high school students.

Here's a link to the entry in My Anime List, which may also be helpful, in addition to the Wikipedia link I provided above.

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I will add that running the search on the above image (without any cropping) gave me one result which was in Japanese, so in a sense I was "lucky" to know some kanji and recognize the title. – Maroon Jun 10 '14 at 9:10

It's an anime series called Nichijou

enter image description here

First and third picture is Yuuko, she's one of main character here. Second picture with blue hair is Mio, she's Yuuko's friend and classmate, the brown hair one is also Yuuko.

Nichijou is comedic slice of life anime series and set in a school environment. Funny anime, kinda like Lucky Star since they both have a lot cute moe girl doing adorable things.

This is synopsis from Anime-Planet

Yuuko, Mio and Mai are regular high school girls who lead a normal everyday life. However, with bizarre explosions causing random objects to rain down on their heads, lunch turning into an epic battle between girl and wiener, and students riding to school on goats, their lives are anything but ordinary. Meanwhile android Nano spends her days wishing she were a normal human, but keeping house for her creator, the playful and immature child genius Hakase, dealing with talking cat Sakamoto, and trying to keep a hold of her multitude of easily-detachable body parts, her dream is far from a reality...

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