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I recently started watching Kuroko no Basuke and have watched it up to episode 5. The skills shown up till now are ridiculous. Can those skills be achieved by people in real life? I'm taking about physical abilities like speed, jump, agility, etc., not stuff like the Phantom Pass.

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Seeing as you're on episode 5, this is going to have spoilers.

While the "Misdirection" which makes him invisible is probably at least rooted in reality, I don't think it can be taken as far as the TV series makes it out to be. It would be one thing to misdirect someone who's defending, but to make yourself invisible to people watching from the crowd or the bench is a little bit incredulous.

The "Invisible Pass" is something that is described as more of a "tap pass" and it uses misdirection. That's probably something that people do in real life, though again, maybe not to the fantastic results we see in the show.

The "Ignite Pass"/"Ignite Pass Kai"/"Cyclone Pass" are probably things that you could see basketball players do, but the way they're animated and the speed in which they're shown in the show makes it impossible in real life.

The "Vanishing Drive" is another misdirection, and like the first invisibility misdirection, it's probably something people can do in real life against a defender, but everyone else in the arena would obviously still be able to see the player. In the show, it makes it seem like Kuroko goes right through the defender for everyone, not just the defender.

The "Misdirection Overflow" is clearly something that can't be done in real life given how spectacular the effect can be. The explanation of how this trick works isn't sufficient in making players "disappear" and trick everyone. Stuff like this make Kuroko seem more like an illusionist instead of 1 among 10 players on a court.

The "Phantom Shot" is really just an odd way of shooting the ball. It's something people can surely do in real life, but why would they if they can shoot normally? It's unique in the show's story because Kuroko can't shoot.

I think that's as far as they've gotten so far in the anime.

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thanks but what about other stuff except these special moves like the speed they move and turn at is that possible –  NoLifeKing Jul 25 '14 at 21:31
@NoLifeKing That's harder to say, for the most part, the regular basketball looks no different to me than watching NBA highlight reels so I don't see why not. –  Jon Lin Jul 25 '14 at 22:13

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