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I've read three chapters of the manga Reset!, which takes place in the same world as Yuru Yuri. Each chapter's cover seems to be a reference to some other work. For example, here's the Chapter 3 cover:

Chapter 3 cover

Which is a reference to this famous Kanon image:

Kanon image

Here's the cover of Chapter 1:

Reset! Chapter 1 cover

Which I believe is a reference to this Little Busters image:

Little Busters image

Here's the cover of Chapter 2:

Reset! Chapter 2 cover

I cannot figure out what this image is referring to. Since the other two were works by Key, I checked into Clannad, Air, and Rewrite, but none of them seem to match that logo. Does anyone recognize this image?

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Now I feel stupid...

A little thought and twenty minutes with Google image search has got me pretty sure that this cover is a reference to Kud Wafter:

Kud Wafter is the spinoff of Little Busters that continues the story of Kudryavka Noumi, in the same way that Tomoyo After continues the story of Tomoyo Sakagami from Clannad. I forgot the spinoffs existed, so I didn't look into them.

The Reset! character on the Chapter 2 cover uses the name "Kudryavka" as a nom de plume for her poetry, which makes it pretty near a sure thing.

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