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I'm just wondering whether Saitama could live in space, just like Superman or Goku, without needing oxygen to breathe?

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and why did you think of that? AFAIK, he's a normal human, just super powerful physically, but... a normal human nonetheless? – Aki Tanaka Jan 23 at 12:56
He had to hold his breath while in the moon. That means no. However he can travel through space without external help. He got shot to the moon and he got back without a rocket. His durability and endurance is enough for that. – Analyst1996 Apr 28 at 17:48
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No, he can not breathe in space.

In the chapter 47 (35.2), Boros punches Saitama so hard that he is sent flying towards the moon. When he lands there, he does his best to hold his breath:


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The real question is "can he resists space radiation?" – Braiam Jan 24 at 0:56
I don't think short term exposure to outer space is dangerous for radiation first. Rather, insanely low temperature. – Hakase Jan 24 at 2:02
The pressure would kill a person anyway :p – Ikaros Jan 24 at 2:03
His resistance to punches kind of implies resistance to pressure changes. – Hakase Jan 24 at 2:11
Your blood wouldn't start boiling for a while. The fluid in your eyes and mouth on the other hand, will in fact suffer. – TUSF Jan 24 at 19:28

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