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In the Death Note series, it is seen that while L and Soichiro Yagami are observing Light through the cameras, L says that he used to do a lot of pointless things at the age of seventeen.

enter image description here

Later, we see that he is giving the same exam as Light, who is seventeen years old at that time.

enter image description here

This made me curious. What exactly is L's age?

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L joined Kira's school under a false identity, so he likely lied about his age too. Him looking older than the average student is one of the less strange thing about him. – Philipp Feb 8 at 16:23
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As stated in the wikia, L's age is 24-25 years old.

Also, in Death Note 13: How to Read, it is stated that L was born on October 31, 1979 and died on November 5, 2004. From this we can calculate that L was 25 years old at the time of his death.

enter image description here

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