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In the second season of Darker than black (Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini), Hei mysteriously...

...loses his contractor powers somewhere in the middle of the season.

In the beginning of the anime we can clearly see that...

...Hei still has his contractor powers, since he uses them in a fight in episode 2.

However, in later episodes it is revealed by some of the characters that...

..Hei's powers are completely lost, and he is but an ordinary human (well, a well-trained human, at least).

So what was the reason for

Hei losing all of his contractor power out of sudden, and without being noticed?

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If you notice that at the beginning of "Gemini of the Meteor" season BK-201's star vanishes, and he loses his powers. At the end of the season,

BK-201's star lighting up in the sky.

Each "False Star" has a corresponding Contractor, and they resonate when their Contractor's power is being used. As such I think it's safe to conclude the he has his powers back.

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According to this thread, Hei lost his powers because of the trap that ensnared Hei in Episode two. From Wikipedia:

Hei and Suō are caught in a trap after Hei seemingly kills August 7 by electrocuting the British Contractor. Later on, Misaki Kirihara is shown looking through a telescope which is directed towards the star of BK-201. The star fades away.

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