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I have been scouring every nekomimi tag on vndb, but to no avail. Can anyone tell me which game this is?

necomimi girl

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FYI, you can usually do reverse image searches via google, and the result will be given pretty quickly. If you're using Chrome, you can just right click the image and select "Search Google for this image". If you do so, the first several links detail both which characters are portrayed and where they're from. – Doc Feb 6 '14 at 6:58

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I'm assuming you mean this image. This is CG from the VN Monobeno by Lose. It does have a 2013 fandisk as well, but this CG is from the main game. The characters are Arishima Alice (left) and Chima (right). Alice is a main heroine while Chima is a side character. I'll note that for whatever reason the vndb article doesn't seem to have a nekomimi tag at the moment, which is probably why you missed it.

Here's a brief excerpt of the plot from vndb:

Sawai Tooru and his younger sister Natsuha ventures back to their rural home town Monobeno – their first visit in six years. Here they reunite with their childhood friend Alice (a girl who labels herself as Tooru’s fiancee), and an apparition (or ghost) in the form of a small child.

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That appears to be from Monobeno, and the nekomimi character's name is Chima

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I did an image search and Monobeno seems to be a good route to take. The character with dark hair might be named Alice Arishima. There appear to be different endings etc, so research more if you want to buy the games.

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