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I have been seeing One Piece for a long time . I came to notice that during any funny scene , Nico Robin is never seen to make any kind of funny or weird face while all the other Straw Hat crew members do . Did Oda sometime mention this specifically ?

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It just doesn't suit her personality. She is the mother-like figure in the group who sees the children and grand-dad being silly, chuckles, and goes back to reading. – kaine Mar 24 '14 at 13:12
There's a filler episode where Robin dances thinking she's in a play. And she smiles a lot at Luffy's, Usopp's, and Chopper's lightheartedness. But if you're asking about the overexaggerated reaction faces...there's that one glare in Punk Hazard at the coat she was about to steal since she was freezing. That's all. – Daz C Jun 7 '14 at 11:49
@DazC ya I have seen that – AbKDs Jun 7 '14 at 12:02
She has been smiling more after Enies Lobby, but you are right. As far as I remember, there has been only one moment where she responded quite out of character and more like "a regular human". That was in chapter 728: – Peter Raeves Jun 10 '14 at 19:49
I've seen Robin with a funny evil face, back when they were in Punk Hazard where they fought the crew of Half Crocodile half human (forgot his name), Robin together with Luffy and others were desperate to have warm clothes, and so it was that their faces turn "evil".... – maseru Jun 11 '14 at 4:51
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Nico Robin had a lonely childhood. Her mother was out on her expedition to uncover the secrets of the Void Century. Her only friends during her childhood days were the scholars of Ohara, and Saul for sometime.

During her time with Saul she was shown to smile and laugh in a funny manner.

enter image description here

But soon, at the age of 8, after the extermination of Ohara along with her friends and mother, she was on the run with a bounty of 79 million beri.

enter image description here
enter image description here

She was always targeted by anyone who found out about her true identity. This is a very harsh childhood for a kid. Enough to make a kid a "serious" type and steal their humor.

Also, during the Enis Lobby arc, she mentions her fear:

enter image description here

It is evident from this that she was always over thinking things, and putting a lot of burden on herself. She kept her sadness and worries to herself, and in such a situation it is very rare for a person to make funny expressions, rather they have a cold look.

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To be honest, after Luffy gave her back her will to live at Enies Lobby, she has been seen smiling more often. If anything I love the character development on Robin. – Peter Raeves Jun 10 '14 at 19:47

Robin never over-reacts to things. She is a very mature character, taking things calmly and in a genuine manner. Her humour is mostly dry, which does not lend itself to silly faces either.

I do not believe that Oda would mention this directly, as he would probably think it evident from her character.

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This is undetailed but far superior to the other answers. It is completely incorrect to say that she is cold or even cynical after the Enies Lobby arc. She isn't silly but is happy and content. The decription of her as the Mother figure did come directly from Oda though and I interpret that as his description of her personallity. – kaine Mar 25 '14 at 13:58
That's interesting. The description of her as a motherly figure makes sense. She usually brings some sensibility to the group when she's out with those of the group who might need some mothering. – Ludwig Schmidt Apr 21 '14 at 14:23

I didn't read anything official. But I think it's just part of its cold personality, as you should know, she is always thinking the worst possibility when some danger is coming (scaring Usopp and Chopper in the process, maybe intentionally xD).

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