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In the recent naruto chapter, The Sage of Six paths told naruto that he was the reincarnation of Ashura and Sasuke was the reincarnation of Indra.
But then he also mentioned that the previous reincarnations were hashirama and madara.
Now that Madara is alive, whose soul does he have?.
Because indra's soul is inside Sasuke.
Is there something that I've missed?

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From what I understand, Indra and Ashura were transmigrated into Madara and Hashirama respectively during their life time. After both Madara and Hashirama died, their souls/chakra started looking for other hosts. We can say so because of what the Sage said,

Now that Indra's transmigration is over...

enter image description here

Now that the new hosts are Sasuke and Naruto respectively, Indra need not be present in Madara (since he has come back to life). Madara had already attained the chakra of the sage of the six paths before he died, and since he was brought back to life using the edo tensi, he retained the chakra of the sage of the six paths.

enter image description here

Also from the other things that was said in the chapter,

enter image description here

It is safe to consider that the souls of Indra and Ashura were not controlling the host, rather used it as a container and helping the host. So we can say that both the souls of the host and Indra/Ashura existed in the same body. After the death of the host, the soul/chakra of Indra/Ashura moved on to find another host.

Now that Madara is back to life, he has his own soul in him and lacks the soul of Indra as that is present within Sasuke.

So basically, Madara's soul is his own.

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Thanks, that was quick! – Märmîk Šhâh Apr 3 '14 at 15:13

Yes, it isn't their "soul" which is reincarnated, it's their chakra.

As for how it splits between the two, it wasn't stated (and I doubt it will). Madara's current power is the power of the Sage of Six Paths, not Indra's or Ashura's alone.

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