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I've been wondering, since I can't find an exact age... While watching these filler episodes, he appears as the ANBU Kakashi, who was leading his team. Being the Senpai of Itachi he looks exactly (maybe for me) like he does in the present day... Is this a coincidence? Or couldn't the animators be bother to add additional "lines" to his face? Note that we've seen the newborn Naruto, that would mean that Kakashi looks the same as he did 17-18 years ago..

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Using this timeline and the following data

September 15 Birth day Kakashi
Academy Grad. Age   5
Chūnin Prom. Age    6 

We can tell that Kakashi was born 14 years before the 9-tails attack. Using the information that the Akatsuki dead line was 18 years after the 9-tails attack. we can tell that Kakashi should be roughly 32 years old.

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pretty interesting...+1! –  Rinneg4n Apr 13 at 0:49
btw...interesting,that we got info about Sarutobi...but nothing from earlier times, nor the First or the Second Hokage... –  Rinneg4n Apr 13 at 0:55
@Rinneg4n Tons of info scatterd around. I believe the last time that time line got updated was in Januari. So it might be lacking some of the more recent info we got ^^ –  Dimitri mx Apr 13 at 0:59

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