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Top new questions this week:

What honorific does Panda use when speaking to Yaga Masamichi?

In Jujutsu Kaisen's episode 16 "Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event—Group Battle 2—" (Transcription: Kyōto Shimai-kō Kōryū-kai—Dantai-sen ②—; Japanese: 京都姉 妹校交流会—団体戦②—), during a flashback ...

japanese-language jujutsu-kaisen  
asked by Namaskaram 3 votes
answered by hyper-neutrino 3 votes

Why do people think people with Good Knife Skills are hiding things?

When i was playing Tales of Graces f, if Pascal and Cheria where in the party there would be a victory scene where Pascael would comment on Cheria's knife work and questions if she's hiding anything ...

japanese-language tales-of-zestiria  
asked by Memor-X 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What happens at the end of CLANNAD: After Story?

This is a question that I really can't get my head around. I've asked many people but I still have not come to a good understanding of the ending of CLANNAD: After Story. In the end of the anime, ...

asked by Grace 41 votes
answered by Logan M 42 votes

How true is the Lavender Town Syndrome?

In the Pokemon game, specifically in the older version Red and Green, there are some news (or rumors) that the tone used in the Lavender Town caused a syndrome (called Lavender Town Syndrome) where ...

pokemon game-history  
asked by xjshiya 28 votes
answered by Killua 42 votes

Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

In episode 345 of Naruto Shippuden (オレは地獄に居る/I'm in hell), when Obito arrives on the battle field, he sees how Kakashi killed Rin. The wiki summarizes this scene as On his way to the battle site, ...

asked by UwF 15 votes
answered by Madara's Ghost 22 votes

How and why is Subaru connected to the Witch (Satella)?

All throughout the series, specifically, within the second Arc of the story, there are references to Subaru smelling like the Witch's Scent, Giving us the knowledge that he is Definitely connected to ...

asked by ObviouslyJake 3 votes
answered by Lugunica 5 votes

How does one play Gungi?

In Hunter × Hunter (2011), Komugi and Meruem play a game called Gungi. It's a fictional game which appears to take conceptual origins from chess, Go, and other strategic board games. We see tidbits ...

asked by Killua 28 votes
answered by Dimitri mx 16 votes

What are all the marriages and child relationships following the final chapter?

In the last chapter of Naruto, some characters got married, and some of them had kids. What is the entire husband-wife-kids set?

asked by SeasonalShot 28 votes
answered by JNat 35 votes

What kind of illness was Kaori Miyazono suffering from?

Does anyone know what kind of illness Kaori Miyazono was suffering from? According to the series' wiki, it is speculated that it was bone marrow failure,

asked by user1477539 15 votes
answered by Aion 6 votes
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