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Top new questions this week:

Whose hands were shown in Sword Art Online opening 1?

In the first Sword Art Online opening (LiSA - Crossing Field), there is a scene right before the chorus that shows the hands of three different (I'm assuming they're different) individuals raising ...

asked by Android Won Kenobi Score of 6
answered by Memor-X Score of 6

Is the dad Isanari of the Uesugi siblings, Fūtarō and Raiha, named after Izanami or Izanagi given the kids are named after Fūjin and Raijin?

The kids' names are Fūtarō (Fuutarou) and Raiha. As we see here referencing this, they are named after resp gods Fūjin and Raijin. I notice the gods have Izanami as a parent, and then Izanami ...

japan the-quintessential-quintuplets  
asked by BCLC Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why did Kaneki's hair change color?

At the start of the series, Kaneki's hair is dark brown, except in the OP, where it we see an image of him with white hair. In episode 11, we see a final scene of Kaneki, his hair having turned white. ...

asked by Cattua Score of 22
answered by Ricardo Score of 16

Why does Ace's tattoo on his right arm say "ASCE"?

Why does Ace's right arm have "ASCE" written with the "S" crossed over?

asked by Claudio Score of 18
answered by Kenneth Score of 21

Is Heaven's Lost Property season 3 canceled or on hold?

In 2013, they announced there would be a 3rd season for Heaven's Lost Property. Not too long after, they also announced the production crew, and a bit after that an on-hold notice. After that, I haven'...

asked by Dimitri mx Score of 3
answered by Darjeeling Score of 2

What is the proper order to watch Hakuouki in?

Pretty much just as the title states: What is the proper order to watch Hakuouki in? Recently I watched Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, and it really felt as if I jumped in half-way through a series. ...

asked by Dimitri mx Score of 7
answered by kuwaly Score of 12

What happened at the end of Tokyo Ghoul?

I am a bit confused by Tokyo Ghoul season 2's ending. Why was Hide bitten, and by who or what? Was it in that "war"? Or did Kaneki bite him? And why did Yomo stop Touka when she was running to ...

asked by Domin Score of 3
answered by lentinant Score of 6

Which god of Japan is actually portrayed by Yato in Noragami?

As far as I watched, Bishamon and Kofuku are portrayals of the Seven Lucky Gods (七福神 shichi fukujin). But it wasn't clear about Yato. Bishamon mentioned him as a God of Calamity, but there is no such ...

asked by Naing Lin Aung Score of 17
answered by Ruby Score of 11

Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

In episode 345 of Naruto Shippuden (オレは地獄に居る/I'm in hell), when Obito arrives on the battle field, he sees how Kakashi killed Rin. The wiki summarizes this scene as On his way to the battle site, ...

asked by UwF Score of 15
answered by Madara's Ghost Score of 22
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