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Top new questions this week:

How did Armin survive after being roasted and blasted away from the Colossal Titan?

In Season 3 Part 2 episode 17, We see Armin being roasted By toe Colossal Titan. After He "makes it quick for him" Armin's ODM gear falls off and he is launched, But how in the world did a nearly dead ...

asked by xpert 3 votes
answered by insaneyagami 1 vote

How fast is the Female Titan?

In season 1 episode 12, we see The Female titan give chase to the Special Operations Squad and Eren. We also know that the horses to bred to run at 70-75 mph per hour, but it was shown late that the ...

asked by xpert 3 votes
answered by Aditya 1 vote

Why is Midoriya from My Hero Academia compared with Naruto and called "green Naruto"?

Many times in internet Midoriya from My Hero Academia is compared with Naruto and called "green Naruto". Why is this so? Is the character design? Is the style of My Hero Academia story compared with ...

naruto my-hero-academia  
asked by Pablo 3 votes
answered by Dimitri mx 7 votes

What did Administrator (Quinella) said in silence in SAO Alicization final episode?

In the moment where Quinella lifted up to above (In my knowledge, she going to the "Real World"), there is a scene where she said something in her mouth, but it total silent, So what did she said at ...

asked by I am a Student 3 votes

What illness did Tanjiro's dad have?

In the anime, we have a flashback that mentions Tanjiro's dad who was very ill when Tanjiro was still at a young age. So, what is the cause of Tanjiro's dad's illness?

asked by kit 3 votes
answered by Aditya 1 vote

How many times has Ash enrolled in Pokemon School?

Throughout all the Pokemon TV series and movies, and anything else from the same canon/relevancy, what is the sum total of ashs enrollments in any kind of formal training regarding pokemon.

asked by SlipperyPete 2 votes

How did Sasha not blow off Samuel's leg?

When the colossal Titan attacks the city of Trost in Season 1 Episode 5, We see everyone working on the cannons blown off the wall by the steam. Samuel gets knocked off too, but he is unconscious, so ...

asked by xpert 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What kind of illness was Kaori Miyazono suffering from?

Does anyone know what kind of illness Kaori Miyazono was suffering from? According to the series' wiki, it is speculated that it was bone marrow failure, due to the change in her skin ...

asked by user1477539 15 votes
answered by Aion 6 votes

Are Levi and Mikasa siblings?

Are Levi and Mikasa siblings? I've heard Levi being called as Levi Ackerman, which in Mikasa's backstory, you discover that her last name is Ackerman as well, although no recognition passes between ...

asked by Coffeekirito 3 votes
answered by kaine 8 votes

What chapter does Attack on Titan season 2 finish at?

I just finished the season 2 of Attack on Titan and I want to start to read the manga. Which chapter should I start from?

asked by TheZadok42 7 votes
answered by Jonathan 4 votes

Why is the Boruto manga different than the anime?

How come that the manga of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is different than the anime?

asked by user35190 3 votes
answered by Nevios 13 votes

Which chapter of the One Punch Man webcomic should I start on after seeing the anime?

I just finished episode 12 of the anime and I'm under the impression that this is the end of season 1. I'd like to continue with the manga now. I don't want to read the remake; I want to read the ...

asked by Jelani Stowers 13 votes
answered by Ero S╔śnnin 12 votes

What is the source of Saitama's enormous power?

I have seen only the anime and not the manga. I am utterly curious about the ability and power of Saitama. In the starting episodes, he mentions that he trained very hard and also details his ...

asked by demouser123 24 votes
answered by Ikaros 36 votes

Will there be a season 4 of High School DxD anime?

Will there be a season 4 of anime? Will it come out in 2017? I am a big fan of the anime. I want to know how it ends. Did he become the Harem King? Should I just read the novels?

asked by Balance Breaker 1 vote
answered by Andrew S 3 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Are OVAs in One Punch Man considered "canon" or "filler"?

In another question asked here half year ago, it was pointed out that for 10 years since the appearence of One Punch Man, the powers heroes showed werent any kind of power. For example, no hero ...

asked by Pablo 2 votes

What song is playing in My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 6 at 8:50?

What song is playing in My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 6 at 8:50?

music my-hero-academia  
asked by Tetoris 1 vote

Was This Scene From Konosuba Ever Animated?

I recently did a rewatch of the series with friends and remember a scene that doesn't seem to exist in the anime after Kazuma and friends fight the Winter Shogun: Kazuma gets fed up with the party ...

asked by GoodSirTheSir 1 vote
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