In episode 5 when Major Kusanagi is reviewing the original Laughing Man incident footage in her own apartment, two girls can be seen with her. One bringing over a cocktail and then both unknown girls sleeping near Matoko on the bed.

One appears to be dressed a a maid, and for giving Major her drink I assume she's her personal maid bot.

The other girl's outfit I can't identify. She has dark hair. The maid has brighter colored hair.

Once again in episode 20 we see the bright-haired girl talking to Major while she's preparing to switch bodies. Apparently the body switching procedure requires for a witness. We also know that cloned people cannot inherit real estate. I'm not sure if these factors are connected, but something tells me a bot wouldn't be a legible witness for body switching. Possibly the girls are people, not androids.

Who are these two girls? Are they people or are they androids? What are their names? What are their responsibilities?

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They're the Major's friends/friends-with-benefits. (She actually does have a life outside work.) The one with darker hair is named Ran; the one with lighter hair is Kurutan. She isn't a maid bot, she's just wearing a frilly dress and getting Motoko drinks, well, 'cause... (By the way, I think it's actually Kurutan's apartment -- the Major was borrowing her virtual reality equipment to review the case.)

Kurutan is actually also featured in episode 8: She works as a nurse, and the organ trafficking case involves two of her patients. She calls in the Major and Section 9 after the police investigation founders.

I haven't read the manga, but I understand that it features more of Motoko's relationships. Apparently she had a boyfriend (who made one cameo in SAC), and she had a virtual threesome with Kurutan and Ran, as opposed to their more implied relationship here.

I don't know more about them. Still, with their names, you should be able to find some more on Google.

(References: TV Tropes, Wikia, and the credits.)

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