in Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Duel Academy has 3 dormitories, named after the 3 Egyptian God Cards, Slifer, Ra and Obelisk with Slifer having very basic facilities and seen as the underdogs (weakest) while students at Obelisk are more privileged and seen as aces and elites (strongest).

However, out of the 3 Gods, in terms of functionality this isn't right.

  • Obelisk is the weakest because its ATK and DEF are set at 4000 which we have seen reached by other monsters apart from Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and requires sacrifices to destroy all monsters on the field.

  • Slifer is the next strongest with its HP fluctuating based on the number of cards in your hand. However, when a monster is summoned, it has an instant attack which drops the opponent's summoned monster's stats by 2000 with the chance of destroying it.

  • Ra is considered the strongest with its ATK and DEF able to come from the player's Life Points and also its initial ATK and DEF come from the monsters sacrificed to summon it.

So I am wondering, how did the dorms get assigned their names, and would it make more sense that the elite's dorm gets the name of the strongest god card?

NOTE: I am referring to the god cards' functionality in the anime.


The academy was created by Seto Kaiba who first owned Obelisk while Yugi owned Slifer. We can infer from Kaiba's personality that Kaiba always wants to be better than Yugi, so he placed the rank of Obelisk the highest and Slifer the lowest.

For Ra, the card was originally owned by Marik, and the only spot left the rank could be placed is in the between the ranks of Obelisk and Slifer.

  • Ahhhh, i didn't know Kaiba created the academy, i must have missed that but it would indeed explain it – Memor-X Jun 26 '14 at 0:19

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