In the episode 24 of GITS SAC 2nd GIG it becomes apparent that the member of Section 9, usually referred to as Proto, is actually not a human, but a "biodroid" prototype. What exactly is it and how different it is from cyberized people and androids?


As the name suggests, a bioroid is an android, but built with human body parts-- except that they don't have a human brain.

The Major is a cyberized human, and an android is the least human of the three.

  • Saying he doesn't have a "human" brain is a bit misleading. In Appleseed (a related work from the same author) Bioroids are essentially clones/engineered humans, so by default have "human" (ish) brains. Perhaps you meant they don't have a brain from an "actual" human? Jul 21 '14 at 14:44
  • 3
    We are not talking about Appleseed. I looked up Appleseed's bioroid definition as well, and it's different. Are GiTS bioroids the same? Think about Proto, who is GiTS' biorod, by the end of the show.
    – Yotaru
    Jul 21 '14 at 23:03

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