I recently listened to the song Prelude to Paradise by Immediate Music and I'm pretty sure that the beginning (until at least 00:45) is nearly exactly the same track as one of HxH's songs (OST 1 or 2). It's probably one of the Zoldyck Family's themes.

Am I wrong? If not, what song is it?

Finally, if I'm right, is there any link between those two? I'm pretty sure they are extremely similar (well, at least the beginning), but Prelude to Paradise came out more than 4 years ago....

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    Believe it was the Zoldyck Family theme Immediate Music - Prelude To Paradise. If I have some time ill look it up :)
    – Dimitri mx
    Jun 30, 2014 at 21:24

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I could not find an exact match to this song searching through the OST's I will agree that it does seem familiar to the Zoldyck Family theme at about 20 seconds into the Zoldyck theme they sound very close but there is a difference. As far as for link there is no real way to tell other than to ask the composer of Prelude to Paradise. ref(HxH Zoldyck Theme)

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