I remember seeing this on TV as a younger kid but I don't know what it's called. I think Adult Swim was where I saw it. This girl runs off and joins this team that's in a race with a bunch of other alien species. Her dad is the leader but he doesn't know the girl is his daughter. Her mother was a pilot and she died in a race so the dad didn't want the daughter to race. There's an alien that has a white mask and shadow powers sorta. People think it killed her mother, bit it tried to help her before the ship exploded. there's like this mother ship like thing that's the 'garages' are on and it moves to right above the next race start and then the racers drop from the ship.

Thank you in advance for any help given.


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This sounds like Oban Star Racers.

enter image description here

Here are a few quotes comfirming that from Wikipedia:

Unable to tell her father who she really is, she lands a job as a mechanic in his team under the name "Molly"

Haunted by the death of her mother — a famous star-racer — and the harsh "reunion" with her father, Molly is determined to win so she can be with her parents once again.

And here's the opening sequence:


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