When Kars becomes the ultimate life form, There is an image which points out each of Kars' new features - 400 IQ, 18m jumping etc.

enter image description here

Can someone help translate what his other skills are?

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This 2ch post has bigger image.

  • Intelligence: IQ is 400.
  • Haptic sense: Can feel the movement of heat and air.
  • Hearing ability: Can here the ululation of animals from bats to whales.
  • Visual acuity: Like astrometric telescope.
  • Born: Breakdown to each cell and transform into many breeds.
  • Muscle: Recuperate from wounds very soon, then can transform/heal very quickly.
  • Gripping power: 900 kg/cm^2
  • Jumping power: 18m
  • Favourite food: Humans that became bloodsuckers. (Can survive without the need of any food and drink for 1 year.)
  • Sleep: No need.
  • Objective of breed: Other breed has a objective that creates descendants. But in his case creates a world that he thinks.
  • SEX: No need. lower forms of life need many children. It's easy to die. No need for child or friend for perfect life. "Top" is always only one.
  • Baby of the human was transformed 9 hundred million evolution in 10 month. DNA know it. Like this, cell of his body know all DNA of all breed. he can transform to any breed.

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