In the start when Natsu was looking for Igneel he said that Igneel was with him 7 years ago. After the Tenroujima incident they all disappeared for 7 years. Evil Rogue came from 7 years in the future. There were seven dragons that came out of eclipse gate after it was opened.

What's the importance of the number 7 in Fairy Tail? Is there some type of special meaning behind it or is it just a simple number with no significance?

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    related?, sure there's more than 3 instances of 7 so maybe we can discount the use of the antithesis of the Number of the Beast (666) but Judaism does consider it a perfect number. its link to Genesis might be that these events link to a possible arc about some sort of creation that linked to the dragons since all the events you have mentioned in the question seemed to have something to do with the dragons
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In Japanese, the number 4 and, to a lesser extent, 7, is generally associated with death and considered unlucky because of the pronunciation of the word. 4 is 「四」 which can be pronounced 「し」 "shi", and 7 is 「七」 which can be pronounced 「しち」 "shichi". Death is 「死」 which is pronounced "shi". 9 is 「九」 which can be pronounced 「く」 "ku", meaning suffering or hardship 「苦」. For this reason, it is impolite to give any gift in an increment of 4 or 9 (for example, a set of cups should be given and bought in sets of 5, not 4), and my Japanese grandmother told me not to give in the increment of 7 either since it has the sound of "shi" inside the word.

On the other hand, various things considered positive in Japanese religion and mythology are in a set of 7, such as the Seven Lucky Gods 「七福神」(しちふくじん, "shichifukujin") and the Seven-Branched Sword 「七支刀」(しちしとう, ななつさやのたち、pronounced as either "shichitou" or "nanatsusayanotachi").

  • Isn't 9 (Kyu) 九?
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  • this actually makes sense... +1 brother
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  • @Memor-X: It can also be pronounced as ku, e.g. Kujou 九条 (a name)
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  • Well, although this answer beautifully explains how number 7 is interpreted by Japanese, it doesn't explain anything about how it is related to the series.
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    The main question was "What is the importance of the number 7?" so I took that to be a question regarding 7's significance in anime/Japanese culture in general. The title is not always the actual question that the poster wants to ask. If you read the question body, this is the question: What's the importance of the number 7 in Fairy Tail? Is there some type of special meaning behind it or is it just a simple number with no significance? Your answer does cite various interpretation of 7, but I can't see how it links to the events in Fairy Tail.
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