I have been searching this name for weeks!! Could you help me out?

enter image description here

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It's from a visual novel named Koijibashi, according to the tag on the same image on Sankaku Channel.

It is released on 2004-August-13 for Windows platform.

Synopsis (translated from Koijibashi's article on Japanese Wikipedia):

Looking forward to their graduation in March, Tachibana Yuuta, together with his classmates Katakura Hadzuki, Ichinose Ryuu and his childhood friend Konno Nonoka, make a plan to go on a graduation trip together during spring break.

From Yuuta's casual remark, the destination is decided, by Sagara Shiho - Yuuta's cousin who happens to be there, to be a rural town with the suspension bridge named "Koijibashi" (Love Bridge?), which has the legend to tie people's fate together. However, the legend of "Koijibashi" as it is passed down is not your usual pleasant story, and unforeseen mysteries awaits Yuuta and co.

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