In Toradora SOS - Hurray For Foodies (as listed on the DVD Cover of the NISA English Dub Release), I understand why Taiga and Ami have animal ears (Taiga is supposed to be the Plam Top Tiger and Ami is a dog because Taiga calls her Chihuahua). However, why does Minori has a flower on her head?

Example (subbed)

NOTE: Toradora SOS 1 and 2 are on the first BluRay disc which had Episode 1 - 9 and I don't recall any character trait of Minori which would indicate the reason for the flower in those episodes.


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This is a little tenuous, but the kanji in Minori's name seem to have kind of a plant theme to them. In Japanese, her name is written 櫛枝 実乃梨 (Kushieda Minori). The kanji 枝, read eda, has the meanings "bough", "branch", "twig". The kanji 梨, read as ri, means "pear tree". That could be why they chose to symbolize her with a flower.

Denshi Jisho page on the kanji in Minori's name.

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