Is it glass + lip?
Is it glass + slip?

The Japanese title is

グラスリップ - it is in katakana, so definitely is a foreign word.

So, the title means lips made of glass, or slipping on glass?


I'm not entirely sure about the meaning behind the name, but I'm pretty sure it is pronounced Glass + lip, mainly due to this image:


Source: http://animeinspirations.com/threads/is-there-some-hidden-meaning-to-the-title-glasslip.378/


Glasslip is presented as a single word, and it is logical to suppose that "glass lip" is what the anime was going for. This makes sense, since here, “lip” can mean “a projecting edge on a container or other hollow object”. Then, "Glass lip” can describe to the edges of glass surface, such as a bead, where the glass bends around and causes light passing through to bend in strange ways, distorting the image [1].


  1. https://infinitemirai.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/a-glasslip-analysis-deciphering-what-glasslip-intended-to-be-about-through-its-opening-sequence-and-its-impact-on-viewer-expectations/

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