Could be anime, manga, or even a visual novel, I'm not sure.

7 people dressed in a military attire, hand drawn and in black and white

  • where did you get this image? can you provide the link?
    – user8802
    Nov 21 '14 at 11:28

The original uncropped image is from Dorei Kishi 1 「奴隷騎士Ⅰ」, a Fate/stay night hentai manga by the doujinshi circle KUSARI. On a prior page is printed


which translates to:

Ryoujoku Rensa Series + Original Illustration Collection

Ryoujoku Rensa is another hentai manga by KUSARI, based on the 2005 eroge novel of the same title. It is clear that the image is an original illustration.

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