In episode 8, there was a scene of the husband saying "I don't mind at all" at the begining of the episode, with a deep voice and muscular face.

What is the reference in this scene?

  • It happens again about halfway through the episode, when Kaoru says they should play a game, and the husband replies "Me too" with that same face.
    – JNat
    Nov 27, 2014 at 10:46

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By searching for the phrase that the husband is saying 私【わたし}は一向{いっこう】に構{かま}わん. This image turns up in the search:

From http://diarynote.jp/data/blogs/l/20081228/75450_200812280302078062_1.jpg

The striking resemblance in the style of jaw muscles is enough to confirm the reference.

These entries on Japanese Wikipedia article and Nico Nico Pedia confirms that he is Retsu Kaioh (烈海王) from Baki the Grapplerグラップラー刃牙).

Regarding his habit of saying "I don't mind at all!" (わたしは一向にかまわんッッ), from the Japanese Wikipedia article:


Rough translation:

Even among the characters in the story, he possesses an extreme obsession for self-training and fighting against formidable opponent. Although it has become a habit for him to recklessly reply with "I don't mind at all" when approached with a challenge, objectively speaking, this does not only comes from his own personality and nature, but also comes from a principle he started before he got his Kaioh (海王 Sea King) title.

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