Can anyone please tell me the title of the song that starts at 3:04 of episode 59? I love the way it sounds and I want to hear the full version, but since I can't read Japanese I can't find it.

Please and thank you very much for anyone that answers.

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The song is titled キミと見た花 キミと見た空 (The flower I saw with you. The sky I saw with you), according to the credit roll of the episode:

According to the official website of Ai Tenchi Muyo, the full version of the song is included in the BD/DVD Volume 1, which is set to released on January 21st, 2015.



  • 愛してるって叫びましょ!! -full ver.-

  • キミのままで! -full ver.-

  • キミと見た花 キミと見た空 -full ver.-

Currently, the album 愛・天地無用エンディングテーマShort ver.集 Vol.1 which includes the short version of the song can be bought from Amazon, iTunes, among others.


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