At 01:53 of episode 4 of Kyoukai no Kanata: Mini Theater special, after Hiroomi said that Mitsuki was his only idol, this conversation happened (transcribed to the best of my ability):

Kanbara: おい、博臣{ひろおみ}、そろそろやめとけよ。美月{みつき}がMK[5]{ご}だぞ。

Kuriyama: メガ盛{も}り 金平ごぼう、 ですか?

Kanbara: そっ、それ、マジ?

If my guesses are right, Kuriyama mistook MK5 (emu-kei-go) as abbreviation for Megamori (large serving) Kinpira1 Gobou2, which is a Japanese dish.

1 A Japanese style of cooking. ja.Wikipedia. en.Wikipedia.
2 Burdock. ja.Wikipedia. en.Wikipedia.

Image from http://cookpad.com/recipe/1743175

My question is about "MK5" in Kanbara's line. While the line can be generally understood as Mitsuki was getting pissed off at Hiroomi, I don't get what Kanbara is making a reference of by saying "MK5". Any idea?


"MK5" means "maji kireru 5 byoumae" (マジで切れる5秒前), or being on the verge of losing it (really pissed off).

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