I just watched season 1 (episodes 1-22) of Psycho Pass on Netflix and now I want to watch the rest.

On the Funimation site there is:

  • Episodes 1-22 (Season 1)
  • Specials 1-11
  • Episodes 23-33 (Season 2)
  • Also there is the recently released movie.

I haven't started any of the specials or season 2 yet; I don't want to accidentally watch something out of order and spoil it. My question is: Where do the specials fit into the series? Between the two seasons? Side stories? Prequel? After season 2? When should I watch them?

The episode lists I've found seem to leave out the specials so I'm not sure how they fit in.


If you've watched the first season, you should skip the specials and proceed directly to the second season. After that, watch the movie (when it's available).

The "specials" (usually called "Psycho Pass: New Edit" or "Psycho Pass: Extended Edition", I think) are a re-cut/updated version of season 1, with only minor changes. The reason there are only 11 of them is that they're double-length. If you were starting from nothing, it would have been better to watch the "specials" and then season 2, but since you've already seen season 1, I don't think there's enough new content to warrant watching the re-cut version before moving on to season 2.

That said, if you ever find yourself wanting to rewatch the first season of Psycho Pass, I would recommend watching the "specials" instead of the original version of season 1.


The chronological order to watch Psycho Pass would be

  1. Psycho Pass Season 1.
  2. Psycho Pass: The Movie (movie)
  3. Psycho Pass Season 2.
  4. Psycho Pass: Sinners of System Case.1-3 (movies)
  5. Psycho Pass Season 3.
  6. Psycho Pass 3: First Inspector (movie)

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