Blonde swordswoman wearing a highleg

My daughter bought this at a garage sale, but we do not know who she is. I do not know many anime series and I have not found a match using Google image search. Can someone give me the name and the series that she is from? Thanks.

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    Are there any manufacturer's marks, or any markings at all? Is the figure poseable? Are there pegs or slots for a stand/base (/did it come with one)? Are any of the parts detachable (ie, the face on some figures can be swapped for others). Are the sword and gun removable, can we get better shots of them (especially the flat of the sword)? What hairstyle does she have? Feb 3, 2015 at 12:01
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    Oh wow, I didn't know this would be so complicated... to answer your questions. No there are o manufacturers marks,or markings at all, figures arms move at the shoulders only, there is no base it did not come with one,or slots for a base to go in, no parts are detachable. I'll take some better photos and post them,.
    – user11523
    Feb 3, 2015 at 20:12

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She is Yuna Kagurazaka from Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, which is a series of video games that also spawned two OVA releases.

Yuna in the OVA

You can find the same figurine in different angles here.

Yuna as a figurine

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