Is Anime Studio used by any popular Anime studios for actual, commercial Anime production?

I know it's fairly common with amateurs and quite a few Western Animation professionals, but has it ever been used to produce a full season of an anime series that was aired in Japanese TV, or some Anime of comparable scale? Or is just a marketing twist, and only ever Western animation of professional quality has been made in it?

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If Japanese anime studios do use this software, you'd think their user stories would consist of at least someone from Japan or someone who's done work with a Japanese studio.

The software itself seems more geared towards a small team (or one person) production which doesn't seem to fit in a large scale production involving dozens of animators, in-betweeners, story-boarders, etc.

I know that Makoto Shinkai (Voices of a Distant Star, 5cm/s) uses Celtx, After Effects and stuff like Photoshop and Illustrator. He's done one person projects. I also see Comic Works mentioned a lot on Japanese blogs. But it seems most large productions use software called "RETAS". I can't provide any sources to substantiate this claim but it's probably unlikely Japanese studios would use this software that looks like it's geared for smaller productions and use it for commercial anime production, it's more likely that they use a lot of different types of software to facilitate the process of writing->story-boarding->key-frames->inbetweens on a much larger scale. This blog post about AIC's animation process makes it out to be pretty complex.

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    +1 I was about to post a very similar answer. Also, the fact that their site doesn't seem to have a Japanese language option indicates that their target market probably isn't in Japan.
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