I'm on episode 18 of Cowboy Bebop, and I noticed vocal background music sung by a male singer that seemed rather classical in style at the beginning, when there is a montage of Faye at a horserace.

What is the title of this piece? Is it something classical music, or is it an original soundtrack-specific composition? The Wikia for the episode doesn't seem to give me anything.


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The lyrics are clearly from the song Adieu (lyric: Brian Richy, singer: Emily Bindiger):

Been a fool, been a clown
Lost my way from up and down
And I know, yes, I know
And I see in your eyes that you really weren't surprised at me
At all
Not at all
And I know by your smile
It's you

However the singer in episode 18 is male and I haven't managed to find who he is yet.


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