I finished Darker than Black few days back and has been going through different forums and explanations to find a suitable conclusion but no good. Someone please help with the questions.

1) Yin was Izanami which is apparent and is shown in black outfit to differentiate from the actual Yin, which is white one. Correct?

2) Who was Izanagi?

3) What was that yellow spectre thing inside Yin which makes the promise to grant her a wish?

4) Is Yin dead in the end? OR did Izanagi(considering Shion as Izanagi) create a clone of Yin which differs from her in gender and placed the Izanami inside that body? and later Hei carried Yin's soul to her original body.

5) How come Hei gets to know about the second earth and everything which is going on and stops Suou from shooting Izanami?

I find it difficult to accept that Hei separated Yin from Izanami considering his powers because then there is no body for Izanami to return to? and Shion was already dead by the time Hei appears on the screen, so it will be impossible for Shion and Hei working together to separate Yin.

6) Also, does anyone have any idea about Yin's wish? Was it to be dead to save the world or to be with Hei? I personally believe the second one since and think that Shion to be Izanami and the yellow spectre(which i cannot explain how but please expain if you know since he is contractor nota doll so no spectre for him) and finally he creates a seperate body for Izanami hence full filling her wish.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the long post :)

  • Try to ask only ONE question per question. – Michel Ayres Apr 24 '15 at 11:35

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