In episode 6 of Slayers Revolution, who voiced the old man of Rol village that asked for help with winning the festival's ball rolling competition?

I recognise the voice from somewhere. I thought it was either the same voice actor as Makarov Dreyar of Fairy Tail or Gol D. Roger of One Piece, but I can't find any evidence to support either theory.

  • I've never seen Slayers, but ANN says that Kiyokawa Motomu voiced "Ro village chief" in episode 6 of Slayers Revolution. Is that the same character as the one you're referring to? – senshin Mar 30 '15 at 17:20
  • @senchin The sub I watched named the three villages in the episode as Rol, Lyrol and Ly, but it's possible the village's name was translated as Ro in other subs. The sub I specifically watched was from Kissanime, I have no idea who subbed it and the credits appear to be taken from a dub as they list the character's English-dub voice actors. The character was not specifically named as far as I recall. – Pharap Mar 30 '15 at 17:35

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