Which manga chapters are covered by both season of Kamisama Hajimemashita anime?

Alternatively, if I am to pick up the story where the anime left off, what chapter should I begin reading?


The second season ending covers the events of the manga up to chapter 64.

The first season ends at chapter 30 or 31 (you can think of chapter 31 as a transition).

Notable differences:

The earth spider at the end of season 1 is anime-only. Also Nanami ends the Kagura dance without Mikage's interference.


Kayako the human-goddess is manga-only. She is Nanami's rival for the vacant spot at the Izumo's god summit.

There are some other scenes from past chapters covering the new year's transition event,

Like the swamp princess wedding preparation and the Tengu visit to Kurama on Earth

but they are minor details, and there are already a side-story on chapters 65 and 66, so it is better to pin the ending of the second season on chapter 64.

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