I finished the Hueco Mundo arc, up to episode 190, and I have a question about Orihime:

If Orihime can reject all things, why didn't she reject Aizen's creation of the Espadas? She can just say "I reject" and then cast at the Espada. POOF, gone.

  • Maybe she can only reject things up to a 'certain level'? (and needs (more) training to increase this level) – Veger Jan 19 '13 at 8:04

Because her power is limited.

Rejecting the Espada's creation would mean changing very powerful things, beings with extreme spiritual power would vanish.

She doesn't (yet) have this kind of power. She can't reject events of that magnitude.

She can reject an injury (and even that to some degree, as shown with Ichigo's cero-inflicted wound by Ulquiorra, she couldn't reject such a powerful event), and she can reject incoming attacks (again, to some degree. Yami in his weak form was able to break it with his finger).


Simply put, Orihime has the single most gamebreaking power in the story by being able to reject reality. The thing is, she´s also a pacifist medic, intentionally made so by Kubo to make it so there´s actually a plot. Why would you even write a story if a secondary character could kill every character in 1 second? You wouldn´t right? If she had the will and bloodlust to hurt others she could just go around deleting villains.

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    Maybe after the series ends, someone can write an alternate arc, "If Orihime was a sociopath." – BryceH Feb 11 '13 at 16:29

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