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In around 2010, I remember watching an anime that was sort of based in the future after some type of explosion happened.

I think there was a green-haired girl robot thing named Sophie, and she stayed with a man named Ryo, who lost his daughter in the explosion.

It ended with the robot girl going into outer space to save everyone.

What is this anime?

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  • For SEO purposes, just writing here to say that the two characters are actually Solty and Roy (not Sophie and Ryo). – Killua Apr 26 '15 at 21:19

You're definitely thinking of SoltyRei.

SoltyRei poster

There's Roy Revant (right), a bounty hunter who lost his daughter in the Blastfall (when a large building exploded).

Solty (middle), a Resemble (or artificial human), unlike anything the world has seen before...

And finally Rose Anderson (left), a thief who is revealed to be Rita Revant (Roy's daughter), shortly before her death.

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