In episode 11 of Tokyo Ravens, what was Natsume hiding in her closet?


It was never shown in the whole series, but we can make some intelligent guesses. Here are the list of things Natsume hides:

  1. She is a girl. No one except Harutora knows she is a girl.
  2. She is the controller behind Hokuto.
  3. She is obsessively in love with Harutora.

So based on these things, it could be

  1. Girl clothes, cosmetics, girly things, etc.
  2. Clothes and kit that Hokuto uses.
  3. A whole collection of things related to Harutora, maybe during his time with Hokuto. Pictures, memorabilia etc..
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Actually, Harutora, Touji and even Suzuka know she's a girl. So I don't think she's too worried about that sorta things like cosmetics or clothes being out at this point.

She also traipses around with that ribbon Harutora won and even has a tiger statuette on display, so I don't really think she's shy of the memorabilia all that much and I honestly don't think she's the sorta girl to build a shrine for her crush or something.

So taking an educated guess, I think it's her porn collection, seeing as Harutora's was subtly mentioned before this particular scene to be in his closet.

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