Okay, so I'm trying so hard but I cannot remember this for the life of me...

  • It's a movie that's relatively new and probably around 2005-2013

  • Genre: Mecha

  • A princess is on the run and controls a mecha

  • Princess' mother was killed in a coup d'tat

  • Boy whom she finds has white hair and blue eyes and is a really good fighter

  • At the end of the movie, there is huge fight with a mega mecha that everyone assumed was a myth

  • In order to use the mecha, it has to stab you in the throat

  • It has a sad ending cause both the main characters die

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Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road

Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road

Sounds a lot like this anime and it is from 2013 but the boy did not die, only the girl did. But that was in the after-credits scene so its possible you did not see it. The robot did stab the girl in the throat and it was considered a myth.

From Wikipedia:

The story takes place in a time when the world is in the pits of despair after being ravaged by a poison called "shinobi" that came to earth via an asteroid. The people run away to the place called "Kairiku," a place that used to be the bottom of the ocean. Here, the people try and protect themselves against the effects of the poison. In such a world, there was a single light of hope. The "Holy Weapon Giga Road" and the legendary warrior "Yagyuu" are needed in order to counter the effects of the poison. Ame, a princess of a fallen nation, stands up in order to save the world.

Ame: The main girl

A former princess/priestess of the country Ise. Her mother is dead because of a shinobi. She travels with companions and a key to finding a weapon built by men who put an end to the shinobi. She has romantic feelings for Suou. She disappeared in the end.

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