I remember an anime I watched on Indian television 8 years ago or maybe more. The points I remember are:

  • The girl gets some soft toys from a toy store. (She doesn't buy them but they follow her)
  • One soft toy was some kind of a cute dinosaur
  • The toys have magical powers. They give a notebook and pen to the girl
  • She somehow becomes an adult by using these magical items, and she can repeat this to turn back to normal
  • In her adult form, she helps a lady, who helps her to become a model
  • One day she loses her powers and can't turn into her adult form. The modelling company ends up in trouble because their model disappears
  • Her adult self has a short hairstyle

Some doubtful points, which might not be completely accurate:

  • Her hair color changes between forms. Maybe red and blue
  • The modeling company she works in also has an employee that is a relative to her (mother or big sister)
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It can be Fancy Lala

One day, nine-year-old girl Miho Shinohara is given two stuffed dinosaurs by a stranger. The stuffed dinosaurs come to life and present her with a magic sketchbook and pen. Within limits, and subject to varying degrees of control, she can draw in the sketchbook and bring the drawings to life. Miho can also transform into a teenage girl, whom she names Fancy Lala. Fancy Lala is scouted by Yumi Haneishi, the president of the talent agency Lyrical Productions, and begins the long road to stardom.

enter image description here

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