A couple of months ago, i read a manga about a guy who get's a job to tutor a girl for math or other things, and he finds out shes a rich million air girl. She made her money by stocks, and he's curious and decides to learn stocks to get closer with her.

That's really all I know, It should be enough though. it's a romance 90%

Hope you can get me the name of it.

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I am sure the manga in question is Billionaire Girl

The guy's name is Takato Kei. He tutors this rich teenage girl for 10000 Yen per hour.

enter image description here

It a complete romance story. In reality she is not a high school girl who has amassed a lot of wealth from stock market. I think this covers the description you gave. Hope this helps :D

BTW Fun-Fact: I just noticed it was written by Isuna Hasekura (of Spice and Wolf fame :D ).

  • Perfect, thnx! :D – Leigh Flix May 13 '15 at 19:08

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