The 'Fairy Vearth' that God Enel keeps talking about, the continuous land. Is he talking about the moon?

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Short-term concentrated cover series no. 9 "To the Fairy Vearth"

Fairy Vearth is a legendary land that Enel mentions throughout the Skypiea Arc. Enel wanted to travel to Fairy Vearth after he destroyed Skypiea. For this purpose he built his ship, Maxim.

After being defeated by Luffy, Enel headed off to Fairy Vearth, which turns out to be the Moon. There he found a group of alien like creatures - who have wings similar to the Skypieans - which Enel befriended.



Fairy Vearth refers to the Endless Earth. In de Enel's mini series (chapter 428-474) you can read his story. It's a reference for the moon where he wanted to travel with his specially build ship Maxim.

As for Montblanc Noland, despite the fact that he is known as the world's largest trickster and liar, he was also a very skilled sea man. At the point he was stronger than Zoro and Wiper by a lot at that time.

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