We know that Dracula was defeated in the past (some 100 years before the series begun). That's when his name was changed to Alucard.

However, it's obvious that he lived before that. How long did he live? Do we have an estimated timeline of events?


According to the Hellsing Wikia he was born in 1431. That makes him 582 years old today. But it also states that he was 568 years old in 1999, and 599 after a time skip.

[...]Born in 1431, [...] He is arguably the first vampire that ever existed.

568 (1999),599 (time skip)

  • Do we know where this information is taken from? Jan 29 '13 at 12:43
  • @MadaraUchiha I think it came from the "original Dracula" In Wikipedia stays: "Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476), [...], also known by his patronymic name: Dracula." Since Alucard is/was Dracula the Information seems to be from here.
    – Tartori
    Jan 29 '13 at 13:00

According to the hellsing-wiki:

568 (1999), 599 (time skip)


Alucard is the name his master gave him because it is Dracula backwards, but later in the anime alucard states his name was Vlad Tepes to his master.

so if you look into alucards back story and check out his age it says he was born in 1431 and his age now would be 582 years old, and 568 years in 1999, and 599 in a time skip. So if you look further and check out the name Vlad Tepes and read his back story you will get that he is know to clear forests of men by impaling them which caused him to get the name Vlad the Impaler by the Ottoman that so came across the impaled men. But thats not the point the point is that if you check out the year he was born in which was in 1431 same as alucard his age now would be 588 years as of today, and alucards age is 582 as of today(very close to each other) but ironically they have nothing in common at all. they only have very little things that correspond with each other.

so theoretically Alucards name is just a name and has nothing to do with the actual person except that Vlad died and is (just a tale) haunting his victims and torturing them as and undead creature. Hmm just like alucard because he is undead too.

Thought i would put this out there because i thought it was interesting and it just feed my curiosity hope you guys enjoyed that little fact. and if you guys don't really believe me thats fine look it up and check it out and if you guys find that i'm wrong tell me it would be a delight to hear more and improve on my research skills.

Thank you for reading

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