According to the wiki page, adventurers can exchange the gems they collect in the dungeon for money.

Magic stones are crystal-like stones that are dropped by monsters. The stones can be exchanged at the Guild for valis (Orario currency).

The bigger the stone, the more valis it is worth.

I was wondering, why does the Guild want these crystals? Do they have a use?


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According to ja.Wikipedia:



Magic Stones are the core of the monsters' life force, and adventurers' means of living. Without exception, it locates in the monster's chest.

Killing the monsters, gouging the Magic Stones out of their chests (in the anime, the body of the monsters disappear when defeated, leaving their Magic Stones behind), and cashing them in at the guild is the main source of income of the adventurers.

Charged with magic, Magic Stones can be used to create various tools, such as lighting, sewage purification, cooking stove, refrigerator, etc.

Monsters die an instant death if the Magic Stone in their chest is destroyed by a direct attack.

DanMachi Wiki has a bit more details regarding the use of Magic Stones:


  • Magic Stone Lamp: A handy and flexible use of the Magic Stone is the production of Magic Stone Lamps. These items give off a dim shine that allows one to see underground or in total darkness. It was once considered as the "century's greatest invention."
  • Ignition Device: Magic Stones can be used to produce ignition devices.
  • Freezer: Magic Stones are used in the production of freezers to preserve food.

Volume 1, Chapter 2 is cited as the source of the information above.


Yes, they use it to create potions or armors, weapons and/or anything it can be made out of.

Note that both shards and drop items (monster parts) can be used for crafting. Drop items not necessarily lead to magic items.

In episode 9 entitled "Blacksmith (Welf Crozzo)", Bell meet Welf Crozzo and at the end of this episode, Welf made Bell a weapon crafted from the horn dropped by the Minotaur he had killed on previous episode.
Since Crozzo is reluctant to craft magic items, the weapon he crafted from the minotaur' horn is not a magical item.

Additionally, from Wikipedia

Adventurers visit the dungeon to defeat monsters and take their shards, which are used to craft magic items.

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basically they act as power sources like batteries mainly. bigger ones are worth more because they can be used for longer and contain more power. for example when watching an episode look at the lamps there isn't a candle in there, it is a magic stone.

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