The virtual robots that cleans up outdated space and illegal objects called Satchii, arrive in a similar manner: before they start shooting erasing beams at animate objects like people and virtual pets, they announce "Boku Satchii!" or "I'm Satchii!" (slightly distorted Japanese transliteration of the English word search). How many times, throughout the 26 episodes of anime series, do these robots announce their arrival?


After extracting all subtitle files and looking for the name "Satchii", it looks like there are a total of 120 mentions of their name, and 20 times it's themselves announcing their arrival:

(Click for full size)

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    As an NLP dabbler, I'm curious: did you find out which ones were the bots referring to themselves just by reading all the lines, or did you have some ultra-cool analysis tool that built a statistical model of self-announcement in the Fansub English language based on Markov chains, with maybe a support vector machine tossed in for good measure, with some k-fold cross validation to ensure the error rate was acceptable? Either way, +1 for a clever question and answer.
    – Torisuda
    Jun 6 '15 at 22:40

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