I cannot find the name of the manga.

  • The boy ends up joining a mercenary group that has a talking Alligator as the leader.

  • He teams up with a vampire girl, a robot dude with his robot dogs.

  • In the last chapter I read, his team was stopping a slave trafficking caravan.

  • What exactly are you referring to with "cursed mechanical dragon wings whenever he is in danger"? – Maroon Jun 7 '15 at 9:35

This is definitely Stealth Symphony

  • Boy with cursed mechanical dragon wings: check, the protagonist
  • joining a mercenary group with a talking alligator boss: check
  • Vampire Girl: check
  • Robot dude with robot dogs: Check, no link found :(
  • Stopping a slave-trafficking caravan: Check, that's about chapter 6 - 9

enter image description here

Synopsis from MAL (taken from MangaHelpers):

In a world where elves, dwarves, and invisible dragons live in harmony inside a metropolitan city, Jig sets out to find someone or something that can unleash the curse that he carries on his back. As he attempts to survive in the city of Jinbocho, a city filled with fantastic secrets and organizations, he encounters many powerful individuals who set out to either destroy him or save him. Will Jig be able to discover the true secret of his curse, or will it lead him to his own demise?

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