In Shirobako episode 16, Ema is caught doing a little dance exercise on the roof.


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CrunchyRoll's subtitles call this the 'Angel Dance' exercise. There's no results for that in english, but I was thinking maybe it's an exercise only really known about in Japan. For the most part, Shirobako has solid references to existing things.

Is this dance a real exercise or was it just created for the show?

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According to what I read in a forum:

Ema's Angel Exercise is modelled on the real-life Angel Exercise in the 70s. Bodybuilder Tsushima Seiji, under the name of Mukimuki Man (Muscular Man), comically did the Angel Exercise in the TV commercial for a sweet made by Morinaga and also in other TV programmes in the late 70s. (Morinaga's mascot is an angel, and the founder of Morinaga & Company Morinaga Taichirō was a Christian and learnt how to make Western-style confectionery in the USA.)

Here's the video of the original Angel Exercise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpF9V3nQoK4

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