I can't read the kanji, but I'm interested in what each member's score was.

Karaoke/Dance Results


Their Karaoke Score/Dance Result (the names in the note are their surnames):

  • Yazawa Niko (矢澤 にこ): 94/A
  • Kousaka Honoka (高坂 穂乃果): 92/A
  • Minami Kotori (南 ことり): 90/B
  • Sonoda Umi (園田 海未): 93/A
  • Nishikino Maki (西木野 真姫): 98/B
  • Koizumi Hanayo (小泉 花陽): 96/C
  • Hoshizora Rin (星空 凛): 91/AA

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