I read this manga a few months ago, but I forgot the title.

The story is about a boy who met a lone god and participated in battles which would expand her shrine every time he won. I remember the guy using a rope to fight.

I really want to read it again. Hope you guys can help me :)


I'm quite sure it's Gan-Kon (English title: My Wife Is Beautiful God).

Volume 1 Cover

Tagamori Shinta is a student who routinely confesses with complete sincerity to any girls that he likes, failing every time with good reason. One day, after another failed attempt, he stumbles upon a strange shrine and ends up making the most important wish of his entire life. A romantic comedy packed with action on a celestial scale.

The main character battles with the red thread of fate, which becomes thicker the more affection he has towards the girl (his god).

Chapter 1 Page 46

After every winning battle, his god gets more territory and her shrine is also upgraded accordingly.

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