XP-tan and 98-tan are easy to recognize, but who are the others? This page only tagged 13 with no location.



All the girls are Windows OS-tan. From top to bottom, left to right, the characters/objects in that image are:

  1. NT-san
  2. Vistake (Windows Vista)
  3. SE-tan (Windows 98SE)
  4. Dreamcast lolly
  5. 1.0-tan
  6. Inu-T (Windows NT Workstation)
  7. DOSKitty
  8. WinCE
  9. 3.11-tan
  10. 98-tan
  11. SE's mechbox
  12. 95-tan
  13. ME-tan
  14. 2k-tan (Windows 2000)
  15. XP-tan
  16. Homeko (Windows XP Home)
  17. Moseko (Windows XP Media Center Edition)

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