In what order should the Appleseed movies be watched?

  • Appleseed
  • Appleseed Ex Machina
  • Appleseed Alpha
  • Appleseed XIII: Tartaros
  • Appleseed XIII: Ouranos
  • other else?

Watching the movies in the order they were released is a good idea. Referencing Appleseed FAQ:

  1. The OVA from 1998.
  2. The 2004 movie is set in 2131.
  3. The 2007 movie is set in 2138.
  4. Appleseed XIII the OVA (13 episodes) from 2011-2012.

Also note that Appleseed Alpha is a standalone from the others.


To contrast with the other answer, here's a roughly chronological order (of just the movies).

  1. Appleseed Alpha
  2. Appleseed (2004)
  3. Appleseed Ex Machina

Also, note that there is a movie adaptation of Appleseed XIII if you are interested. However, according to the Appleseed Wiki, it's actually a "relaunch of the series following the 2003 and 2007 films."

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