Reading the question Can an animated show created outside Japan be called anime?, I recalled one of the worst shows of my teenage years: Alexander Senki, released in the US as Reign: The Conqueror.

This show retells the life of Alexander the Great as anime, in much the same way that the movie 300 retells the battle of Thermopylae as a video game. The first review on the MyAnimeList page pretty much sums up my feelings about this series. Beyond its gruesome awfulness, I've always had my doubts that this show really counts as anime according to the definition that ʞɹɐzǝɹ gave in the answer to the linked question.

According to the Wikipedia page, the show was created by an "international crew that drew from the resources of the worldwide animation community". The offensively hideous character designs were courtesy of Korean-American animator Peter Chung, well known for such highly regarded anime classics as Matriculated from The Animatrix, Æon Flux, and Rugrats. The animation was by Madhouse, though Wikipedia claims "[m]ost of the production work was handled by Korean animators." The producers of the show also apparently created their own English dub, which was scrapped by Tokyopop when they distributed the series.

I'm curious who else made up the "international crew". Was it essentially a normal anime production, where Madhouse outsources the grunt work to Korean studios, except produced under the creative direction of a guy who thinks the ancient Greeks ran around in thong underwear with metal plates sewn on? Or did the Korean studios play a greater than average role? Was there some other significant part of the show which was produced outside Japan?


From browsing its Anime News Network page, it appears the production was a little heavier on Koreans than a typical anime, but no one from a country other than Japan or Korea was involved except for Peter Chung.

These are the listed non-Japanese among the creative staff:

  • Peter Chung (character design)
  • Joon-Deok Shin (key animation director)
  • Hae-Jong Park (producer)
  • Jae-Hee Jeong (special effects)

The production committee includes:

  • Kadokawa Shoten (Japan)
  • KBS Television (Korea)
  • Madhouse (Japan)
  • Media Factory (Japan)
  • Pasokan (Korea)
  • Samsung (Korea)
  • Tokyo Broadcasting System (Japan)

It seems that Wikipedia's claim that the production "drew from the resources of the worldwide animation community" is highly exaggerated; it was basically a joint Japanese-Korean production that recruited an American character designer.

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  • I feel like I have a rant in store for your incredibly unfair judgement of this anime. A storm is coming. A storm of words. Brace yourself. – user28447 Sep 27 '16 at 0:30
  • You are entitled to your opinion, but don't expect me to agree with it. – Torisuda Sep 27 '16 at 0:42

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