A good bit of episode 1 of Durarara!!×2 Ten (i.e. episode 13 of the broader "second season") was narrated by one of the female characters. But this show has a gorillion characters, and I can't place which one of them it was.

The end credits list the following female characters for this episode:

  • Sonohara Anri (Hanazawa Kana)
  • Celty (Sawashiro Miyuki)
  • Karisawa Erika (Takagaki Ayahi)
  • Yagiri Namie (Kobayashi Sanae)
  • Awakusu Akane (Kuno Misaki)
  • Mamiya Manami (Tanoue Marina)
  • Kamichika Rio (Tomatsu Haruka)
  • "Nurse" (Yamamura Hibiku)
  • "Woman" (Satou Kanami)

I've struck through the ones where I'm familiar enough with the voice actor to know it can't be them.

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the above wiki link states that it was "Rio Kamichika". The link below is her page. enjoy.


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